Member of the Month:
Tim Fisher

Our member of the month for April is Tim Fisher. Tim is an amazing addition the gym, and has seen some incredible improvements over his year with CrossFit Downtown Atlanta. Always smiling and cracking jokes, I can always count on Tim to brighten my day… even when he’s in the middle of a workout. He is interested in improving, and takes the time to truly listen to the coaches feedback… a true Coach’s dream. Tim is a true inspiration as he is a solid member who participates in almost anything we can throw at him with no complaints!!

If you are an early AM person… switch your schedule up and come meet this amazing member at a 6:30pm class 🙂

 – Bethany

What got you into CrossFit?

I’ve always been a slim guy (with a self-inflicted beer gut), so I pretty much ate and drank whatever I wanted and didn’t really commit to a fitness regimen, except for playing softball and tennis on the weekends and doing a 10K race here and there. After turning 40 and recently losing my mother to cancer I decided it was time to get serious about living a healthier lifestyle that I could maintain long term.

What changes have you noticed since starting CrossFit?

The first sign of positive change came at my annual checkup. I went from the Doc lecturing me about borderline BP and cholesterol readings the previous year to him asking what I had done to achieve such drastic results and perfect readings last year. This was after 6 months of CrossFit. I also beat my best time in the Peachtree Road Race (which I had run 8 or 9 times before) by more than 10 minutes and for the first time RAN every step of the race.

My overall strength has improved, especially in my upper body. At first, I was barely able to do 10 pushups, let alone a pull-up and now I can complete a WOD with over 50 of each. My endurance is the best it’s ever been.

What do you enjoy most about CrossFit Downtown?

It’s conveniently located, very well-run from a business standpoint, and most of all, every single person I’ve come into contact with there, from trainers to members, have been great and 100% supportive.

What do you find to be the biggest challenge with CrossFit?

Getting to the gym consistently. With Life constantly getting in the way I don’t get to the gym every day like I wish I could.

What is your favorite movement and why?

I would say basic Kipping. I’ve found that as I’ve gotten better at it, my ability to complete more difficult skills has improved as well. It’s also a good measure of my core strength, which factors into everything we do in the gym.

Anything you would like to add/say?

I started full paleo on 3/21/13 and I’m already noticing that I have more energy and feel much healthier overall.


Back squat: 185 –> 255
Front squat: 100 –> 150
Deadlift: 225 –> 300+
Unbroken pull-ups: 3 –> 15
Unbroken 53# KB Swings: 15 –> 35
1 mile run: 10 min –> 7 min

Congratulations Tim