Member of the Month:
Jenn Loomis

 Jenn, first off. You make the most delicious paleo treats I have ever eaten – Amazeballs! They are by far the greatest thing in this world, and that is why you were selected as our member of the month. Just kidding of course. My favorite thing about coaching you as an athlete is your hunger to always get better and push yourself to work at your max capacity. You’re never satisfied, and the drive you have is contagious (in an awesome way, not like the flu) and something that is almost impossible for us to teach as coaches. You’ve made some huge gains, and I truly think you’re only beginning to tap into your full potential. Keep up your relentless pursuit at becoming the best you can be and you will go very far with this CrossFit stuff. Aside from you being an awesome athlete, you and your awesome hubby (shout out to pete!) can always be found with a smile on your faces and positive attitude towards whatever we’re doing, even if it’s 5:30am and 7 degrees. Thanks for being awesome, and keep it up!

 – Coach Benji

What got you into CrossFit?

I am always looking for something new that will push me. I came across a Groupon about a year ago for CF Downtown and tried it out! Immediately the obsession started and I was hooked! I loved the atmosphere, camaraderie of the members and the way I felt after a killer workout. I had never been so challenged or sore in my entire life and was ready for more!! After the 60 day Groupon trial was over I took about a 3 month break, got married, ate crappy food, gained some weight and realized how badly I missed it. I started back up May of 2012 and have been consistently CrossFitting at least 3 times a week.

What changes have you noticed since starting CrossFit?

I have more energy and just feel better all around.
Overall strength has increased as well. This past summer I wasn’t even able to do 2 pull ups in a row. Now I am working on getting butterfly pull ups! I started working out with a 26lb KBS and now can do workouts with the 53lb kettlebell.
I also noticed my running got faster. I have always been more of an endurance athlete, ran half marathons and competed in triathlons. My 5k time went from about a 27 min range and my most recent time was 25:40. I also took over 5 minutes of my last sprint triathlon this past October.

What do you enjoy most about CrossFit Downtown?

I love that even though CF is a competitive sport everyone at our gym is always cheering for one another and supporting each other. The coaches are all very encouraging and really work with each athlete based on where they are in their athletic abilities. I also enjoy having multiple coaches as they all have their own teaching techniques so I feel I learn something new every day!

What do you find to be the biggest challenge with CrossFit?

Everything is a challenge in CrossFit both physically and mentally! There is always room to improve, go faster and lift heavier. That is probably why this is such an addicting sport.

Personally, I have several challenges. For one, being vertically challenged – I can’t reach the pull up bar and wall balls are not my friend! But in all seriousness, patience is probably my biggest challenge and gets me the most frustrated. I want to get better at everything and I want it to happen over night. I have to remember how far I’ve come and take the extra time to work on certain movements in order to see the improvements. That’s what keeps me coming back!

What is your favorite movement and why?

Call me crazy but I love burpees! If a WOD has burpees I look forward to it! I have also started to enjoy some of the oly lifts. Even though they are my biggest weakness I have to learn that the more I do them the better I’ll get.

Anything you would like to add/say?

The gym has improved dramatically since I started last year! I’ve just recently started taking advantage of the front oly lifting area and think that is such a great addition. I also have to thank all the trainers. They all have been amazing and always there to assist and teach me new things. The trainers and the members make the workouts fun, so getting up for either that 5:30am or 6:30am WOD is a lot easier!

What is your Amazeballs recipe?

If I tell you, I’d have to kill you 🙂


Backsquat:  125 –> 175
Front Squat: 115 –> 145
Deadlift: 155 –> 210
Power Clean: 75 –> 105
Snatch: 55 –> 75
Unbroken Pull-ups: 2 –> 25
Fran: 6:48 –> 5:17 Rx (GOAL: sub 5 Rx!)
Helen: 10:48 –> 9:37
Annie: 7:57 –> 6:32
Jackie: 9:54 –> 8:37
Cindy: 20+2 Rx
Murph: May 12′ – 60min, Nov 12′ – 43min Rx (GOAL: w/ 10# vest)
7min Burpees: 121
ME DUs: 62
5k row:  22:06
2k row: 8:34
1k row: 4:04

Congratulations Jenn