Member of the Month:
Mike McShane

Mike Mcshane is our member of the month for February. Mike has made incredible progress since I have been coaching him. He walks in the door 4 times a week, grabs a rope and works his double unders. Mike is 61 years old and has been putting up numbers that most 30yr old members would be happy with. For instance, he did the HBBS with 195lbs for week 5! Mike is a wonderful member is an inspiration to anyone in his age group! Congrats on being our member of the month Mike! Coach Justin

What got you into CrossFit?

I have always been active in exercise but never in a managed group setting. My exercise over the years consisted primarily in jogging. When my son started to play football we started lifting free weights in the back yard. Although I was consistent with it I never developed past a certain level and began to get frustrated with it. It was at that point that Kathy, my wife gave me a three month membership to CrossFit Alpharetta, which was about a mile from our house. She thought I would do much better in a group setting with a structured environment. Boy was she right. I started my intro course early January 2012.

What changes have you noticed since starting CrossFit??

This is an easy question. At my age the biggest changes I have noticed since starting CrossFit is in my strength, agility and stamina. Not to mention that I have lost 15 pounds. My core is much stronger and I finally have some body definition. Physically I feel the best I have felt in years.

What do you enjoy most about CrossFit Alpharetta?

I enjoy the camaraderie that has developed over time during the group strength and conditioning and the fact that I am not the only one that feels a certain anxious anticipation before each WOD. The rush of adrenaline after each workout makes it all worth it. Also the technique that each trainer teaches has given me the ability to perform at levels I no I would never achieve on my own. You can do so much more with proper technique and when you fail you usually can tell what you did wrong and if you don’t know the trainer will tell you. One of the best things I enjoy is the encouragement you get from the other members no matter what level you are performing, especially during the WOD. What makes it special is the fact that it is genuine because they all know what you are going through.

What do you find to be the biggest challenge with CrossFit? 

With out a doubt the biggest challenge I find with CrossFit is the Paleo Diet. I’m trying, but beer, wine and pasta are my downfall. I am Irish so beer is always going to be there. I’m Irish so wine is sometimes going to be there. I have got a chance with the pasta and I am working on it.

What is your favorite movement and why?

My favorite movement is the snatch because it is the most challenging for me and the one I would like to improve on the most. There is a lot of technique involved in a successful snatch and one thing CrossFit has taught me is you can lift so much more with proper technique. My first attempt at the snatch over a year ago was with a 45 pound bar. After Craig saw my attempt he took the 45 pound bar away and gave me a 35 pound bar. Well that was a year ago. With a lot of patience and understanding the movements of the lift, thanks Justin, my personal record is 110 lbs. I know if I do a better job of getting underneath the bar I can go a lot higher.

Anything you would like to add/say?

Except for last year I had spent the previous ten years working-out on my own using bad technique and seeing no real progress. When I first got involved with CrossFit just over a year ago my goal was just make it through the WOD and see if I could last at least two months. Well I did and I signed up for another three months. I made it through that and signed up for another six months. I realized how good I felt, how much stronger I was getting and how much my agility was improving. Well it has been a year. CrossFit has become part of my routine, an important part. I just signed up for another year. We have a great Gym at Alpharetta, thanks Jim. We have great trainers, thanks Justin and April and we have great members no matter what time you go. I still get that anxious anticipation before each WOD but I realize that everyone else does to and it’s a good thing. See you guys in the Gym.

Congratulations Mike