Member of the Month:
Jack Smith


 My fellow Tech nerd.  It’s been awesome coaching you and seeing the transformations you’ve made.  You’ve come a long way since I took you through the 101 course, where you were doing pull-ups with two huge bands and air squats with ½ range of motion (at best), to now, where you are doing Fran as prescribed with no problem at all.  Not only have you largely increased your capacity as an athlete, but you’ve become a very key member of our gym.  You can always be found working on your weaknesses, helping others out, and fellow-shipping with coaches and fellow members, all while usually wearing a really awesome pair of socks and a headband.  We appreciate the impact you’ve made here, and I’m excited to see you continue to grow as an athlete and a person.  I still owe you a beer from that one time… you remember.  Go Jackets!

 – Coach Benji

What got you into CrossFit?

There were two things that got me into CrossFit.  The first was – I was getting fat, or let’s say I wasn’t happy with my lifestyle and how I felt on a day to day basis. I had tried running and LA Bench Press Fitness, but I never saw the changes I was hoping for.  I had to figure something else out that would work for me and my busy career.  Soon after I came to that conclusion I started seeing my friend Rachel’s facebook posts about the improvement she had seen in her fitness after starting CrossFit.  I called her up, we talked a while about CrossFit and she invited me to one of her classes.  I did the WOD, I finished the WOD, I loved it, I was sore for two weeks, but I was addicted – and my CrossFit career started.

What changes have you noticed since starting CrossFit?

I have noticed many changes since CrossFit.  The main thing was my strength and endurance in many of my extra circular activities.

  • I was able to complete my first half marathon without stopping at a 9.5 min/mile pace with only 2 weeks of running beforehand.
  • I’m an avid competitive sailor and I saw extreme improvement in my sailing competitions which in turn has made me improve in overall finishes at the competitions.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is just my overall well-being has improved… more productive at work, happier on a day to day basis, and also healthier – I don’t get sick!

What do you enjoy most about CrossFit Downtown?

CFDT has expanded, added classes, and become one of the largest gyms in downtown – however what I enjoy the most is walking into the gym throughout the week and feeling like you are at home with the members and the trainers who are always motivating to each and everyone to do their best and improve.

What do you find to be the biggest challenge with CrossFit?

Every time I go to CrossFit it’s my biggest challenge – and that’s why I do it. I’m assuming that’s why everyone else does it too.  If CrossFit wasn’t challenging every day, no matter what the WOD is, we wouldn’t see the results that we see through our CF career.

What is your favorite movement and why?

Power Clean is definitely my favorite movement – ever since I was in high school weight lifting class I was always envious of the big dudes power cleaning and hogging the bars.  Now with CrossFit and the training I have received I enjoy power cleans even more than in my adolescent jealousy stage.  The movement works many muscles, it makes you feel strong, and it’s a crucial part of many WODs.

Anything you would like to add/say?

I’d like to thank all of the CrossFit Downtown family because the family is a main reason why we do well and improve in our fitness and health.  I’d also like to thank all the trainers at CFDT who have had plenty of patience with me from day one – I couldn’t have progressed this much without them.


Backsquat:  185 –> 215
Deadlift: 270 –> 315
Power Clean: 135 –> 165
Snatch: 0 –> 110
Unbroken Pull-ups: 0 –> 15
Fran: 14:32 (not Rx) –> 11:54 Rx
1000m row:  3:45
5K run: 25:30

Have lost 15lbs and 2 waist sizes also!!!

Congratulations Jack