You will hear a lot of different angles, all geared in a similar nutritional direction from those in our training community around the world. Here at HB, we encourage members to explore and learn about Paleo/Primal nutrition, that is, the nutritional theory that we are best suited to eat the way our pre-agricultural ancestors ate, avoiding the cheap, inefficient, calorically dense and nutritionally void “third-world” foods like grains, starches, legumes and any processed foods.

This goes hand in hand with our training: we try to train the way our ancestors would have, that is, work hard and fast, and rest and play harder.

In practice, this means lots and lots of meat/fish (Organic is great, Grass-Fed is best!), veggies (again, Organic is best!), nuts, seeds, some fruits, and little to no grains, refined foods and sugars. Legumes, such as beans, should be kept to a minimum, and dairy can be a lightning rod amongst paleo adherents. We believe that pastured, low-temperature pasteurized (if not Raw) dairy can be a great tool for muscle-building and health, and that certain types of cultures/fermented dairy, such as yogurts, kefirs, and some cheeses, can be super foods!

  Eat the Way Nature Intended 

     For more info on the how and the why of it all, we recommend these sources:

     Mark’s Daily Apple

     Robb Wolf

     Beyond Vegetarianism

     Every Day Paleo

  Happy Hunting!

Links to Recipes

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